How to setup HP Officejet 7112?

  • If it first time to setup the printer, take the printer from the box and follow the steps given below
  • Take out the printer from the box and remove the protective tape and packing material under the ink cartridge’s access door, lending page printer.
  • After removing all the protective tape, connect one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the electrical output.
  • Switch on the power button
  • Click the preferred language from the power button and click yes.
  • To update date and time select the date and touch next, select the time and then click done.

How to install the ink cartridges in HP Officejet 7112?

  • Open the outside door of the printer and afterward open the ink cartridge entryway. Presently, the printer’s carriage goes to the center point of the printer. Hold up until the movement of the printer carriage stops.
  • Remove the cartridge from its package and remove its protective tape.
  • Hold the cartridge at an upward angle and slide the cartridge and push it until it falls into place.
  • Close the access door and then the exterior door.

How to install the ink cartridges in HP Officejet 7112?

1. Collect the Network name and security password at the time of installation.
2. Make sure a computer is connected with the wireless network.
3. Have an active internet connection (ideally broadband) and a USB cable.


  • Ensure there is no USB link connected during the installation process.
  • Your printer, router and your computer must be switched on and must be connected with a similar wireless system that you need to connect the printer to.
  • If you have already installed the software for a USB connection and need to change to a wireless network connection, then take after the steps below.

1. Search or open the HP folder in the software programs that are introduced. Presently, tap the organizer bearing your PC’s name and tap on the name of your printer. The HP Printer Assistant programming opens up.
2. Tap on Utilities and after that snap Printer Setup & Software Selection.
3. From the options showed, click Convert a USB connected printer to wireless or Connect another printer.
4. Take after the guidelines that are shown on the screen to finish the establishment process.
5. Download the most recent and updated drivers and software for 123 HP Setup Officejet 7112

123 HP Setup Officejet 7112 Software / 123 HP Setup Officejet 7112 Driver

  • From the official HP site HP Officejet 7112 software can be downloaded.
  • Download the driver, Click on Open/Run/Save from the dialogue box.
  • Take after the on screen guidelines to set up the process.
  • In specific printers, you can just empower wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity.
  • In general alongside the printer, a software CD will be given through which the clients can install the HP software driver and extra software.
  • If there is a need for the latest updates then you can download the product from the website. 

How to scan a document using HP Officejet 7112 Printer?

To change check account settings

a. On the printer control board, select the Scan symbol and after that select Email.
b. On the control board display, select the record that you need to change, and afterward select Modify.
c. Select what you need to alter, and afterward take after the on screen prompts.